Picture Schedule- Pictures will take place on Thursday May 17th behind the Perry Senior Center
**Minors teams who have an away game- you will take pictures on June 6th.
Game Schedules
  Coach Pitch game schedules are arranged by coaches last name. To view your team/game schedule, please click on the tab found at the top of the page. I will update field locations in the coming days. However, due to the current time frame, I wanted to at least get this out to you. I will notify you when all updates have been made.
Coach Pitch (8U) Roster -
Coach Pitch Game Schedules  (updated w/ coaches contact info) **Updated with rain make ups)

Game Schedules
Please note, we are doing game scheduels a little different this year. I have created a calendar with each day, team location and time you play. I still need actual addresses for fields- but, the field number should be listed on each day. If there isn't a field location (For example; Madison- this means, they only have one field at the park) I hope this makes refrencing the schedule a little easier for you!
Please understand, this is still a work in progrees. I have yet to recieve official addresses- I only have field locations or teams information as of now. I aplogize- but, wanted to get at least this part out to you since we start games next week! Once I get more information on parks or locations I will update the calendar and send out another announcment.

Minors (10U) Roster  -
Coaches, once games begin next week- all practices will need to end to avoid field conflicts. 

Perry Park: 2815 Perry Park Road Perry, Ohio 44081
Fields 1 / 2 / 3 are located on the east side of the park, Field 1 is located closest to the lake / camper site
Fields 4 /5 /6 are located on the west side of the park, please use the community center parking lot to access fields.
(This has all comminity field addresses on 1 page)