Softball Info

Games/Season begins week of May 15th and ends July 6th (Depending on when coaches choose to schedule games)

Game Schedules
Please note, we are doing game scheduels a little different this year. I have created a calendar with each day, team location and time you play. I still need actual addresses for fields- but, the field number should be listed on each day. If there isn't a field location (For example; Madison- this means, they only have one field at the park) I hope this makes refrencing the schedule a little easier for you!

Please understand, this is still a work in progrees. I have yet to recieve official addresses- I only have field locations or teams information as of now. I aplogize- but, wanted to get at least this part out to you since we start games next week! Once I get more information on parks or locations I will update the calendar and send out another announcment.

Coach Pitch:
8U Rosters 

Team 1 Yeager

Team 2 Pfeister

Fast Pitch:
10U Rosters 

Team 1: Lynch
Team 2: Porcello/Winters
Team 3: Burke

12U Rosters

14U -- Unfortunately, we did not get enough girls to create a team for 14U. All participants will be issued a refund. We aplogize for any inconvience this may cause you! 

Ages as of 1/1/18
First day of registration: 
Last day of registration: 

Program details:

Please take the time to carefully enter your information -

We will offer softball teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U Levels 
- Softball Age determined by participants age as of Jan 1st 2018

10U, 12U, 14U: participants take part in “Kid Pitch” leagues; teams will be a member of the North Coast Fast Pitch League (league is comprised of other community rec league teams) 

Our teams are coached by volunteers, often times these are parents. Our expectation is that all volunteers provide a positive environment; providing instruction to all. Good sportsmanship should always be a top priority. Volunteers are to stress the importance of the basic skills of the game. Teams often practice twice per week prior to the start of games.

Teams in these divisions do play teams outside of the Perry community; there will be some 
traveling to other communities in the season. 
(teams are member of a recreation softball league – ) 
*Teams assembled in early April; practices may start in late April. 
* Games typically start in mid may

We will look to have 10-12 participants per team; roster spots will come on a first come basis (date of received registration) 
We will have multiple teams if numbers allow.

Participants will receive a team visor and shirt (jersey)

Teams are a member of North Coast Fast Pitch Softball
(visit the league site to find rules for each division)