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Coach Pitch (8U) ROSTER 

Game Schedules
  Coach Pitch game schedules are arranged by coaches last name. To view your team/game schedule, please click on the tab found at the top of the page. I will update field locations in the coming days. However, due to the current time frame, I wanted to at least get this out to you. I will notify you when all updates have been made.
Coach Pitch (8U) Roster -
Coach Pitch Game Schedules (updated w/ coaches contact info)

Age group: Ages 6+ (must be 6 yrs old by 4/30/2018

First day of registration: 
Last day of registration: 

Program details:

Perry Youth Baseball will offer Coach Pitch to participants ages 6-8 (must be 6 by 4/30/2018 cannot turn 9 prior to 4/30/2018
 (program is typically for boys in 1st/2nd grade)

Age cut offs are by registrants age as of April 30th 2018

Participants can play up a division but not down. (8 yr olds are permitted to participate in the kid pitch minors divisions)

Participants will be exposed to baseball fundamentals; hitting, throwing, fielding. At this division coaches will pitch (overhand) to participants

***Practice/Game Days may vary*** 
-Preseason opportunities will be offered starting in February 
- Practices set to start in  early April depending on weather

Perry Recreation is offering the opportunity to try out for tournament teams. Tournament teams will be formed at the 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U levels. 
Those interested should contact Perry Rec by email:

Participants will receive a team hat and shirt

Game Schedules
Please note, we are doing game scheduels a little different this year. I have created a calendar with each day, team location and time you play. I still need actual addresses for fields- but, the field number should be listed on each day. If there isn't a field location (For example; Madison- this means, they only have one field at the park) I hope this makes refrencing the schedule a little easier for you!
Please understand, this is still a work in progrees. I have yet to recieve official addresses- I only have field locations or teams information as of now. I aplogize- but, wanted to get at least this part out to you since we start games next week! Once I get more information on parks or locations I will update the calendar and send out another announcment.

Minors (10U) Roster  -

Minors (10U)Roster
Majors (12U) Roster
Juniors (14U)

Kid Pitch Divisions
Age as of 4/30/2018


***Practice/Game Days may vary*** 

Participants will receive a team hat and shirt