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"Bringing the Community Together"

Perry Rec relies on contributions from local businesses/agencies to aid our efforts to provide affordable programming. 

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Perry Rec, more formally known as the Perry Area Joint Recreation District is a non-profit independent government entity established over 30 yrs ago

to provide programming for

 the community of Perry.

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Winter 2014-15

Fall 2014


(440) 259-9705 EXT. 9705

PreK/Kindergarten Basketball

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-Intro to Volleyball


-Tball, Coach Pitch, Baseball, Softball and more...

Parents Can Help Youth Develop Sportsmanship

When parents focus on positive interactions with their sports-playing children, they help their youngsters see themselves as winners, regardless of athletic skills or team standings. Parents also must remember that youth sports is not about winning, losing and standings, but rather it is about young children who are learning to play with other children, have fun and to take turns, and develop new skills. It is also about children learning to handle defeat, mistakes, pain, fear and disappointment, supported by understanding parents...Read More 

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